FreeBSD Home Server

Introduction This is my home server, more or less. I use this page to remember what I’ve done and as a reference for less-often used commands, in case I need it later on. Maybe some of it might be of help to others, so I published it. I got tired of my Synology DS1812+ and went back to the glorious FreeBSD, ZFS and jails setup. Upon first boot SSH access Copy public part of a pre-generated SSH key from your client machine for easy SSH administration.

uEmacs macOS bug

I was looking at Linus Torvalds github and found his maintained fork of uEmacs/PK. I’ve never bothered trying to compile it before, but thought it might be worth a quick look. Emacs has never been my editor of choice* (too Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift for my taste), but reading up on MicroEmacs flavours, it seemed like a small gentle subset of all that escape character madness. Cloning his repo and running make worked without fixes and you end up with a em binary.

What is this place?

I am Petter Rodhelind. This site contains random notes and snippets from stuff I’m doing. Mostly code related, because that is the kind of stuff I need to write down and remember later on. Happy Hacking, Petter --Richard Stallman Contact (public key) SA3PRD